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Cancellations And Returns


Returns & Refunds


  •     What is's Returns policy?
  •     How do I return a product?
  •     Are there certain categories of products which are non-returnable?
  •     Can I return a part of my order?
  •     How long will the return process take?
  •     How will I receive my Refund?
  •     How long will the refund process take?
  •     Where do I return my product?
  •     I was charged shipping charges for my order. If I return my order, will I get back my shipping charge along with the refund?
  •     I was charged a convenience charge for my COD order. If I return my order will I get back my convenience charge along with the   refund?
  •     If I return a product on my own do I get back the shipping charges?
  •     I was supposed to receive my refund by now but I haven't. What do I do?

 Drop Ship

  •   What is Drop Ship facility?
  •   Can I Drop ship my returns at certain locations for Toolwale?
  •   Do I need to pay a fee for using this service?
  •   Which all locations have the Drop Ship Facility?

Exchange Policy

  • What is's Exchange policy?
  • How do I exchange a product?
  • Which items can I exchange?
  • Is exchange available in my area?
  • What items can I buy in exchange?
  • How soon can I expect the exchanged product?
  • Can I exchange my product for an item of lesser value?
  • Will I be charged for exchange?
  • Can I buy multiple items in exchange for a single product?
  • Can I re-exchange?
  • Can I cancel the exchange?
  • Is exchange applicable if my delivery and return addresses are different?

Cash Refund

  • What is Cash Refund service?
  • Is Cash Refund available for me?
  • Will I be charged for Cash refund?
  • What do I need to do to receive Cash at the time of Return?


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